All Your Mobile Devices Accessory Needs

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Published on: January 19, 2013

I love buying things online, not only because it’s cheaper, it’s because I can take my own sweet time to decide about it. I just hate the feeling when the sales assistant standing beside waiting for you to choose, be it clothes, accessories, and even lingerie.

So, I’m glad that my friend have opened up a Facebook page selling mobile devices accessories called JameZco Mart. Good thing about this page is that he posted the actual photos of the items, rather than those much photo-shopped photos. So, at least you know what to expect when you get the items.

I hated my cables all tangle up, especially my earphones. I bought a earphone winder from elsewhere before but that was totally useless, it couldn’t even fit all the cables in, that means the rest of the cables are not being winded up and gets tangle. =,=”"

Then I saw this super duper cute earphone winder and I know I gotta own it!!!

That’s Jacky and Blacky.

Okie lah maybe coz I love dogs a lot. But seriously, cute right? Jacky looks cute and innocent and Blacky looks so cool! Unlike the one I bought last time, this earphone winder have enough space for the wires and it also acts like a fashion accessory when you’re using it.

Oh, and here’s the actual photo of the item.

I needed a new micro USB cable as my old one is faulty already. Since I’m gonna get a new cable so I thought why not I get this cutesy colourful looking Noodle / Flat micro USB cable, RM12 for data transfer + charging.

He does have a cheaper price ones at only RM6 but it can only be used for charging only.

The colour darn nice right? I got myself the pink ones! 

Oh, u’re using iPhone? Fret not, he has the noodle cables for iPhone as well! 

If you have those external backup battery charger for phone, u might want to get this cable to use with it, at least it looks nice when u’re using ur phone while charging, rather than the plain bored looking black cable.

There’s also screen protector for the two famous latest phone models which is iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

He even posted up a video on how to stick on the screen protector since you gonna do it on your own.

Okla nuff said, go check out his Facebook page here!

Konichiwa from JAPAN!!!

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Published on: November 28, 2012


I bought the tickets to Tokyo via AirAsia quite a few months back… After all the research on hotels and planning itinerary… and months and months of waiting, finally it has come to the day to travel there!

Since it’s autumn in Japan, it’s the chance to wear those autumn clothes! I mean, it’s all year summer over here in Malaysia, we dun really get to wear the autumn clothes, it’s just too hot here! So, I’ve been packing and filtering my clothes, over and over again. You know… gals. =) I bought my check-in baggage weight at 20kg, and I’m glad my baggage turned out to be 19.6kg. I’ve actually weigh it using my normal weighing scale at home when I’m packing.

Me and the gals were still pretty excited during the flight, chit-chatting and reading up the small details on the food to try and places and time to visit.

And of coz, when gals sit together, it’s piccha time! Photo stolen from Yen’s blog.

Around half way of the flight we were getting tired and I got back to my seat.

BF put on the eye mask and I camwhore with him without him noticing.

I soon too felt really tired and took a short nap.

Finally, after about 6.5 hours flying, we arrived safely at the Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan. Woohoo~~~

Here comes the nervous part. I’ve heard that even though some people got their visa, but they could still deny your entry at the immigration. Geez… I wonder how true is that. Have this happen to you before?

Woots~~~ glad that all of us gone through without any problem. Just so you know, there were 9 of us.

We were like so hyper that time, taking photos everywhere. While waiting for the train in the airport also take picture.

Not only that, in the train also we take picture.

The “driver”.

The control room in the train. I see a few red buttons there, so tempted to press it. You know, in movies there’s always this red button in the control room that is very important to either PRESS IT or DON’T.

In Japan, you see lotsa cute things and drawings. Even the advertisement on simple messages in the train is cute.

Okay… it was about 11pm at night already and I’m surprised to see so many people still in their working attire at the train station, probably just finished drinking. Not only that, they are actually queuing up! Okay… I’ve seen Malaysians queuing up taking the MRT in the morning, but I notice usually in the noon or evening, no one queues.

Second thing to notice at the train station, the guys are all suited up smartly.

Third, this is a good one.

Notice something? Most of them are looking at their mobiles in the train.

I noticed it’s either they’re looking at mobile, or they’re resting their eyes.

Fourth, they’re incredibly quiet. Maybe we’re just noisy. But, really, they’re really quiet.

Our train ticket.

After about half an hour, we’re arrived at the station near our hotel, it’s just 5 minutes walk away.

Here it is! Our hotel for the next 6 days, Hotel Sunroute Takadanobaba.

Here’s the lobby area.

Checking-in to the hotel.

Let u guess what this is!




It’s an iron.

Tadaaaa!!! Our very small bedroom, it’s a Semi Double Room. the non-smoking rooms were fully booked so we had to take the smoking rooms. But it’s still alright, I hardly notice the cigarettes smell in the room and on the sheets.

In Japan, they practice recycling a lot, just FYI.

It’s time to head out for a dinner, or shall I say supper since it was already 12am.

We head out to one of the chain store in Japan called Sukiya. The restaurant is relatively small(i’ve seen even smaller ones though) there’s only long tables around and everyone sits side to side.

It’s best to look at the huge menu banner outside the restaurant, decide what you want. Then check how much the food is on the vending machine and slot the money in. The vending machine will print out a small coupon and that is to pass to the restaurant staff and they’ll prepare the meal.

I noticed quite a few restaurants uses such vending machine to prepare food, I guess it’s actually faster, convenient and hygienic.

Just so you know, they have branches in Malaysia too, but the Malaysia branches serves no pork.

I ordered for pork belly rice, 630 yen (approx RM25). It’s really delicious!

It comes with a cuppa free green tea, a bowl of soup, and a small plate of fermented beans which is sourish.

After we had our satisfying meal, it’s time for a drink! The guys were attracted by this.

Super dry, -2.2°C served extra cold Asahi.

That’s how we ended up at this pub/bar/restaurant called Shimbashi Yakiton which also happens to be a chain restaurant in Japan.

It’s just one or two customer there when we’re there, probably becoz it was late and it’s a working day tomorrow.

Order up!

Drink up!

The Asahi SUPER “DRY” served EXTRA COLD which cost 490 yen (approximately RM20.00). BF acting emo at the background.


That’s what we do best while waiting for food.

Pork belly with leak, 126 yen (approx RM5.00)

Chicken skin and some chicken thigh meat, 126 yen (approx RM5.00)

Shitake Mushroom, 136yen (approx RM5.50). I’m not a mushroom person but OMG!!! THIS TASTE REALLY GOOD. I miss that a lot!

Go drinking together must have a group photo!

We were walking around near our hotel and happen to see the vending machines at one of the alley also got us excited. Their drinks vending machine got warm drinks one le… As far as I know, Coca Cola only produces soft drinks, didn’t know they came out with milk tea as well.

I guess Japan really care about the safety of the people a lot, I noticed there is always some personnel/workers on standby at the area where they are doing some repair, although the area has been barricaded.

We got back our hotel pretty late, like 2-3am. We just got about 4 hours of sleep before waking up to prepare our trip of the day – DISNEYLAND or DISNEYSEA ! Stay tuned for that!


KL Bird Park

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Published on: November 25, 2012

When you’re over 21, it felt like there is nothing much to celebrate on your birthday anymore, at least for me. Celebration as in having those big parties. So, on my burfday about 2 months back, I did something different.

Few months back, I heard from my colleague that there is this huge bird park at Kuala Lumpur. I’ve shifted from Penang to Petaling Jaya for over 10 years already, I’ve never heard of such park before. So, after some research and googled on KL Bird Park, I decided to go there on my birthday!

Nice old tree at the car park!

We had our lunch at the Hornbill Restaurant & Cafe in the birdpark. We ordered a Mushroom soup, Nasi Lemak – Hornbill Special(no..they dun serve Hornbill if that’s what you’re thinking) and Nasi Goreng “Malaysian” style. The food there is not bad, I like the satays that comes with the fried rice.

There is also an outdoor area, but be prepared for some birds stalking for your food.

Once we finished our lunch, it’s time to tour the bird park.

I gotta say, once I step into the park, I’m amazed by the place. It’s really a great place to chill, not as in chill, chill, but to relax. How could I not know such a place exist in the heart of KL?

You’ll see some birds walking around freely.

But some birds are still caged though. I see this Hornbill I feel very sad. =(

Dun mess with him.

Some are in an enclosed environment like the emu, and ostrich.

There is an area where the vegetables are provided so you could feed he emu, however I was too late, there wasn’t any veges left when I was there. Anyway, go into the area and get a closer look of the emus.

Opps… got photobombed by the emu behind me! Nola.. it was already there so I fast fast stand infront and snap a photo.

There is an area where you can see the dead birds, or stuffed birds, or whatever you call it.

The skeletons of certain breed of bird is on display as well.

That didn’t interest me much, I mean…those are like stuffed dead birds.

So, I went to the parrots and lories feeding area.

Darn lotsa nice looking and really cute birds around.

Donate a small amount and you get a small container of milk and you’ll see the birds flattered over you your arms. LOL. They’ll start standing on your arms.

I was totally stoned when they are around my arms, I didn’t dare to move.

The staff said it’s alright and he offered to help us both to take pictures. I got used to it a few mins later and started moving around to a better background for the pictures.

We were having such a great time there and the staff gave us some seeds for the birds to it. He put it on my head and the bird flew and stand on my head start cracking open the seed and eat almost immediately.

Managed to capture this nice picture! One bird on the head, and one bird on each side of the shoulder! Thank god none of it poo and pee on our head and arms! But u gotta be careful with your feet, coz I noticed they pee right after they drink, they may just pee while still standing on your arms.

Be sure to plan your time well, you wouldn’t want to miss out the bird show at the amphitheater. It’s really, really great and entertaining!

A warm welcome by the Cockatoo.

Then it swing from a hoola hoop to another just like the stunts you see in circus.

This parrot was trained to raise the mini Malaysia flag.

The commentator asked if anyone would like to participate in their games. I raised my hand up immediately. Me and another kid were asked to hold the hoola hoop at different ends of the amphitheater. The parrot flew around the amphitheater passing through the hoop we were holding.

They say birds have really sharp sight and that is so true. The trainer put a toy bird on the floor and the trained eagle flew around the amphitheater and “hunt” the toy bird in such a great flying speed.

Not only eagle have sharp sight, the other birds are too, but as sharp. The trainer were moving the bowls around and ask the parrot to guess where the dice is and it got it correctly!

For audiences like us, we may think that perhaps they have always hide it at the same bowl. So, they asked any audience who would volunteer to move the bowls and let the parrot guess. And guess what? It got it correctly, again! The guy who moved the bowls doesn’t even know where is dice is.

If that doesn’t impress you enough, the parrot could do math too! Geez!!! They gave it some numbers and it will calculate and ring the bell number of times according to the answer.

It totally cheered us up when the parrot “drove” the mini 4WD. Half way the journey, the car stopped, the parrot came down from the car, open the bonnet and check the engine. That’s so super duper cute!

The birds slide down the slide too as though they are having a great time as well.

They even have a mini competition between the 2 parrots and see who could bring the small hoops to the finish line faster.

This parrot dun like people litters around. He picked up the can and threw it into the bin.

A photo with the eagle.

Ohhh… some Mat Saleh complimented I have lovely shoes!

After the show, we walked to the Waterfall Aviary area as it’s the Milky Stork feeding time. The view at the waterfall is totally breathtaking.

Took some photos around the waterfall.

There are quite a few breed of birds there at the Waterfall Aviary.

You dun get to feed the birds here and I dun think you would want to. The birds here seems more aggressive, not like they harm people but probably because they are bigger.

A milky stork behind me!

There are also some beautiful peacocks there.

There was this elderly Milky Stork ( It looks more elderly), also a bully. He keeps bullying the other birds by opening up his wings while walking towards other birds to scare them away. It tried to bully the baby peacock and  the mother peacock came to the rescue and defense her babies.

The baby peacock carrying the food to eat is so darn cute!

Be careful not to stand too close when they’re eating, coz they may swing the fishes while chewing it and the blood of the fish may stain your clothes.

There is a huge enclosed area which has lotsa Australian Parrakeets in there. You can walk around the enclosed area and have a closer look. I love seeing these birds because they are always in pairs or partners together, I call them love birds.

The owls and eagles darn cute also!

Some other birds around.

Love this picture, it was getting hot and I was enjoying my ice cream while walking to another area.

Visiting the flamingo area was our last tour of the day.

The KL Bird Park is really a great place to be. I find the place is really clean and the birds seems to be well taken care of. It’s really worth paying a visit there with your loved ones or bring your niece/nephew there!


Adult (Standard ) : RM48

Adult (with MyKad) : RM25

Children (Standard) : RM25

Children (with MyKid) : RM12

The park is open daily from 9.00am till 6.00pm.

Hope you enjoy the place as much as I do!


Universal Studio Singapore (USS)!

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Published on: October 24, 2012

So, so, so… My sis sponsored me to Universal Studio Singapore (USS)!!!

And guess what?! It’s also The Universal Express pass! That means we dun need to queue and wait long long like the rest! =D

woohoo~~~ super excited!

Though we’ve bought our ticket online, we still need to queue to get our tickets, but no worries it’s pretty fast.

The One Day Non Peak pass is priced at SGD$68/person and the express pass is priced at SGD$30/person for off peak. Checkout the rest of the ticket price here.

The three of us, sis, me and Suzie! Sis even took leave to accompany me there!

Since it’ll be a long day out under the sun, I wore something comfortable, airy and cooling.

So, in USS, the whole theme park is separated to a few small parks which is The Lost World, Far Far Away, Madagascar, New York, Ancient Egypt, Hollywood, and Sci-Fi City.

Welcome to Hollywood!

They really designed the park like in Hollywood!

We spotted a few famous cartoon characters.

Woody Woodpecker and the fatty Kung-fu Panda! The Kung-fu Panda darn cute right? So hug-able!

Woody Woodpecker proposed to my sister! Then my sister act paiseh. LOL

Ohhh… there’s also the scary Frankenstein!

We went to The Lost World first. I think by just the name, you should be able to guess what this place is.

It’s the land of dinosaurs!

In this park, I believe the best ride would be The Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Enjoy a thrilling river raft ride through primeval dinosaur habitats where you will get wet and possibly soaked. That kinda depends on your luck!

So, be prepared with ur use-and-throw poncho/raincoat. Otherwise, there is a vending machine which you could purchase it there too.

Even if you’re soaked wet, fret not, there’s a dry pod there. Just put the coins in to operate. It’s like a might hair dryer.

After that, we head over to Canopy Flyer at The Lost World. I get to enjoy a prehistoric bird’s eye view as I soar over Jurassic Park.

I also get to see the Far Far Away castle from here.

We skipped the rest of the attractions at The Lost World coz we were afraid that we didn’t have enough time for all of it.

We then head over to Madagascar for the Madagascar: A Care Adventure one of my favourite cartoon!

In the crate ready to enjoy the ride!

All the cute characters from the cartoon is in there.

There’s only 2 attractions here but a lot of cartoon characters to take photo with.

Looks as though Alex says no photo please!

Managed to take photo with Alex and Gloria.

Suzie took a photo with King Julien, the king of “toh toh yeh”. That name I give one.

Ohhh la la~~~ sexy asses!

On the way to another attraction, I saw Puss in the Boots. He must be telling me “Call me, maybe?” LOL

Then, we’re at “Far Far Away“. Not that far though, just between Madagascar and The Lost World.

The best attraction for this would be the Shrek 4-D Adventure. I’m always curious what exactly is 4D. After this adventure, now I know. 4D means you get to see, hear and FEEL the action right from my seat! So, I joined Princess Fiona & Shrek in this fairytale adventure.

If you’re weak-hearted person and just can’t take a ride on a normal roller coaster, perhaps you could try out Enchanted Airways. Hear the name Enchanted Airways also you know it’s not scary. It’s a junior roller coaster, so, it’s not as scary as the others.

We managed to persuade and convince my sis to take this ride. See… it’s not that steep only! Mild roller coaster. =D But sis say it’s scary. =,=”"”

Next stop is the Ancient Egypt.

Fuiyoh… Check out this “Egyptian”! His muscle is so darn firm.

Suzie and I went for Revenge of the Mummy, it’s also a roller coaster ride but this is an indoor ride and it’s pretty dark inside. So, if there’s nothing to see, it’s not that scary afterall! That’s my logic. But sis is too scary cat so she waited for us at the side.

After the roller coaster ride, we head over for a joy ride at Treasure Hunters.

You can drive the desert jeep through an abandoned Egyptian excavation site. Not exactly drive la, this ride even children also can drive.

The queue here is really, really long! Maybe coz this is one of those family rides where everyone could enjoy the ride together regardless of age. But I realize there’s a lot of people at USS on that day although it’s Friday… those people dun need to work one izzit?! But I guess most of the people are like me, a tourist. But anyway, thank god we had express pass and skipped the queue!

Next up, Sci-Fi City!

One of the most exciting ride of the day would be the roller coaster ride at Sci-Fi City.

There are 2 roller coaster rides there, one is blue which is Battlestar Galactica: CYCLON and the other is Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN.

So, I asked the staff what’s the difference between this 2 rides and I was told that the Cyclon leaves u suspended in the air while the Human one is not. With this, I assumed the Cyclon ride is scarier so I took the Human ride first.

Damn! The Human track is pretty scary! It’s zooming at the speed of 82.8km/h and it narrowly avoids the collisions with the Cyclon as it twists, turns, and propels over 14 storeys into the air. I screamed my lungs out during this ride.

Geez… once you’re on the hot seat there’s no turning back! Once you’ve taken the ride at Human, Cyclon is nothing. The Cyclon ride wasn’t as scary as the Human ride. I screamed so much at the Cyclon ride till I got not much energy left to scream here. If you love exciting rides, these 2 rides is definitely for you!

The highlight of all park and rides would be TRANSFORMERS The Ride : The Ultimate 3D Battle.

Here, I joined Optimus Prime and the Autobots as I become a freedom fighter in the ultimate 3D battle against the forces of evil.

This is really good! The ride is totally exciting!!! I really felt like I’m in the battlefield with the evil robots. Good experience I would say. I wouldn’t mind to take this ride again and again.

Photo with… I dunno this robot’s name. Anyone?

Photo of Sci-Fi City and Bumble Bee.

The last park is New York.

Here, there is a New York Public Library, subway, taxi, and the buildings are designed like New York. I thought I’m in New York already. Okay… I’ve never been to New York, I dunno how it feel like yet.

But yeah… u got the idea. The place is nice, it makes you feel as though u’re at another country already.

I did a plank infront of the New York Public Library! Teehee~

I can’t remember who this is.

You have to go to the Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg. Be blown away as an empty sound stage becomes the setting for a major hurricane about to hit New York City – right before your eyes!

I’m totally amazed by this on how they create this settings which eventually we watched it in the movie. But of coz, most of the scene we watched on movies nowadays is graphics.

Here, you’ll also find a lot of souvenir shops. Actually, at every end of each park they’ll have a souvenir shop. But if you’ve missed out those souvenirs shop earlier, you could probably find some of those souvenirs here.

I wanna thank my father, my mother, my sisters, my teachers, my relatives, my cousins, my friends…

Wait a sec… wrong speech. That’s not for my Best Girlfriend Award speech!

At the exit of USS you’ll see Candylicous.

It’s designed like a candyland!

We spent about more than half a day at USS. We were totally KO by the end of the day so we didn’t go back and take those rides that we’ve skipped earlier.

USS usual operating hours is from 10am-7pm daily but there are certain days which they open till 12 midnight. Checkout their operating hours here. So, plan your time well and I do suggest to get the Express pass if you’re going on a weekend or if you just hate to waste time by queuing on each and every ride. Hope you enjoy your trip there as much as I do!


Singapore Zoo!

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Published on: October 20, 2012

So, my sis had to work during my last trip to Singapore. So, since I’m all alone and nothing much to do. I visited the Singapore Zoo! Though I’m alone, I’m very excited and I wouldn’t mind bout it. I’ve visited their Night Safari years ago and love it! The place and animals are very well taken care of, unlike the ones here which I find it… pathetic.

Co-coincidentally we wore the same colour that day. =D

I took a cab and there was I! The admission fees is SGD$20.00 . If you want to take the tram and boat ride, they have thew package which is priced at SGD$27.00 for an adult. Check out their page here.



I was given a map to help navigate around.

The place is rather huge, so I suggest you just hold on to the map while walking. Coz there are some animal performances at certain time and U might might to skip hush hush there instead.

I remember seeing a lot of monkeys, like different types of monkeys.

Brown Capuchin

Orang Utans

One of the orang utan named Ah Meng was laid to rest at a park around the middle of the zoo.

It’s right beside the park which has superb scenary overlooking a lake.




Proboscis Monkey


White-faced Saki Monkey


That’s a lot of sexy ass there.

That ass!


Then few different types of kitties.

Okay… not exactly kitties.

Checkout their enclosure… I guess their management tried their best to give them a jungle like environment. But dun worry, they won’t be able to jump across to the human walk path… I really love this place, it’s like you could kinda see them clearly and not in the cage and taking your sweet time just standing there admiring them.

Ahhh… I love the white tiger the most.

It’s gorgeous!

Kitty drinking water at the “river”.

This is how far a full grown tiger could jump.

Do you know how many tigers are left in the world? Sadly, only about 7,000 wild tigers are alive today. 100 years ago, our world had more than 100,000. Do you think they’ll continue to survive or extinct?





The rhino.

The horn on a rhino’s nose is just a mass of hair stuck together. It is loosely attached to the skull. When it gets knocked off, a new horn will grow in its place. But dun mess with these horns, Rhinos use their horns for defense and fight with other males. Sadly, rhinos are also hunted to near extinction because of their horns. They are used in traditional medicines although there is no evidence of their benefits. Their horns are also used for making handles for daggers in some Middle-Eastern countries.

Rhino dung.


Do you know hippos yawn to show off their teeth and threaten rivals? But when a male yawns in the presence of a female, it’s a sign of ‘affection’ and as part of the courtship display. LOL.

And you know why they always stay in the water? Hippos do not have sweat glands. So, to keep cool, they stay in water during the day. The skin secretes muscus that serves as ‘sun block’, that says, they produce natural sunblock!

Another one… Do you know what they feed on??? Fish? Is that your guess? Nope! Hippos eat plants! After sunset, they move onto land to feed. Interesting right?! I just sounded like a hippo expert already.

Okay…enough of hippos..move on! I was in time for the elephant show. There are a few trainers with their elephants and a commentator at the side to tell us the story.

One of the elephant is splashing the water from it’s trunk to wake the other lazy elephant who is still sleeping.

The elephant bow when they have done their show.

I purchased some fruits to feed the elephant. *happy*

Do you know elephants have the biggest brain of all the land animals? No wonder they never forgets. Their brain size is 5 times of human’s brain! Elephants wallow in mud and take sand showers to moisture their skin and protect it from sunburn and insect bites. In the wild, dead skin on the elephant is removed naturally with constant pushing through rough vegetation and scraping against trees. Since they are in the zoo, these elephants are given a daily scrub to remove the dead skin.

That’s the size on an elephant feet compared to mine!


Do you know bout the inhumance act of bear farming? I’ve blogged bout this before. Bear file is used in traditional Chinese medicines to treat many health problems. There are already alternatives available, but still people are cruelly extracting the bear bile from them. Read more bout this and watch the video to understand this better. It’s really sad seeing the condition of those bears.

The Australian Outback.


She say, “Draw me like one of your french girls

And so he did.


I guess everyone knows who he is. The great late Steve Irwin.


Otter. Looks fat and lazy. hehe


Not sure what species are these. They look like meerkat to me. They are super duper cute fluffy lil things!




Naked Mole Rat. They are also called as sand puppies or desert mole rats. But, they are neither moles, rats, nor puppies. These creatures are closely related to prickly porcupines. They dig tunnels anbd chambers, they live underground.

Mommy is the biggest and the queen of the family. Only she makes babies – 4 to 5 times a year, as many as 20 each time. She only has 12 nipples, so the babies have to take turns to suckle. Geez… she must have never ending supply of milk then. LOL




I managed to catch the seal show!










Desert Warthog , or a more familiar name Pumbaa from the Lion King.





The casque on a cassowary’s head helps it push through the dense forest vegetation without getting hurt. They have deadly toenails, with one blow, a cassowary can kill a man. Dun mess with this! Despite this, forest people still hunt cassowaries for their feathers and meat.

Some tortoise.


I’m sure u could roughly guess what this is. Dun need me to mention it anymore.


Komodo Dragon. Also known as buaya darat meaning land crocodiles in Malay.

They are rare, occurring only on the Indonesia islands of Komodo, Rinca, Gilli Motang and Flores. But I remember hearing people they see it on the road side or highways in Malaysia before.

I managed to see a snake feeding on a white mice. The mice was already dead when I was there.

There were also kindergarten or school children visiting the zoo that day. And there’s also another group of students set up tents for camping. Nice!






While walking around I spotted this on the floor.

It’s a dead chic. Thank god I didn’t step on it!

Somewhere around there’s a small lil village, of coz no one lives there. In fact, it’s a lil too small for humans.


It was getting late already so I make my way out. As usual, there’s a souvenir shop at the exit of the place. Spotted this teddy damn cute! It’s SGD$138 for a pair.


While waiting a cab, spotted this peacock walking freely around the cab area and the shops.

I think I spent around 3 or 4 hours touring the Singapore Zoo and totally satisfied  and fascinated with the trip there. There’s a lot more to see so be sure plan your time well so you could take your sweet time and tour around and read the boards. There’s a lot of information about the animals you see.

Welcome , today is Sunday, August 31, 2014