Caversham Wildlife Park, Whiteman

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Published on: May 21, 2009

It was a nice sunny day on 15th March 2009, a nice day for outdoor activities. As planned, we headed to Caversham Wildlife Park at Whiteman.
sunny day

nice day


On the way, we passed by vineyards, but we din bother to stop by that time coz it wasn’t our destination of the day.


So, about 30-45 minutes of drive, finally, we’ve arrived!


But we went for some lunchie first at Village Cafe nearby the wildlife park, coz we’ll be spending most of the day at the wildlife park.


The ready packed sandwiches.


The Menu.


Behold. The interesting Menu.











Happy Skippy turns into Skippy Burger. It costs AUD$10.50 ONLY.

skippy burger


Innocent looking Emu turns into Emu Burger. Gosh… look at that face, how could you just eat that?

Emu Burger


The packaging.


I orderred Fish Burger, AUD$8.50.
Fish Burger


Chicken Schnitzel Burger, AUD$8.50.
Chicken Schnitzel Burger


Some photos at the counter of Caversham Wildlife Park. If you’re wondering, the first drawing in orange is a kangaroo, second drawing i’m not too sure. The drawing on the bottom left is Dingo.


By the way, entrance of Caversham Wildlife Park is AUD$22.00 for backpackers like me. Of coz, they have student price as well, checkout the price list here. They open daily from 8.30am – 5.30pm (Except Christmas Day). But be there early, the last entry is at 4.30pm.

caversham wildlifepark entry

From left to right: Alwin, Me, Christine, Deborah but we call her Debbie. 


Not too sure what breed is this. Some kinda bird.

Wonga Pigeon
Wonga Pigeon

Spectacled Flying Box. LOL. Looks more like a bat wearing a spectacle to me.
Spectacled Flying Fox

Emo looking Koalas.

Wallaby or Red-legged Pademelon, I forgotten which is.
wallaby or red-legged pademelon

This is not your typical Sugar Glider you rare it at home. It’s Squirrel Glider, much bigger than a Sugar Glider. But they looks alike to me, I wonder if it’s the same creature.
Squirrel Glider

Eclectus Parrot.
Eclectus Parrot

You dun wanna mess with this parrot, it has learnt some kungfu.
kungfu parrot

Meet Molly or Wally, I’m not too sure which is its name, there 2 inside the cage and they look alike.
Molly or Wally

And yeah, but careful, they bite!

Cute lil looking Rufous Bettong having a nap under the shade.
Rufous Bettong

Masked Owl. I din know own wears a mask too.
Masked Owl

Red-tailed Black Cockatoo. Ehh..mirror image!
Red-tailed Cockatoo


Kookaburra. It looks so evil.


This looks like an albino Peacock.white peacock

Dunno what animal this is. It has white polka dots on it’s coat.
polka dots creature


Emu. Remember the Emu burger picture earlier on? This is it! But it somehow doesn’t look so innocent, looks more evil here. Er… I still dun think I wanna eat an Emu Burger yet.
Emu close-up



A wombat. Okay, I know this is a very blur shot but there was a long queue under the hot sun and we din want to queue up as we were getting dehydrated already.


Enjoy the greens, good for your eyes.
Enjoy the green

Enjoy the greens


Welcome to the open enclosure of the kangaroo park. This is the most exciting part.
kangaroo park



Here, we get up close and in touch with joeys, kangaroos and wallaby. You get to touch their soft fur on their body, and rub their head like how u rub your dog’s head. Dun worry, they’re pretty stone actually, they sleep and stone there most of the time. Not like what I’ve imagined like kicking ass around.
kangaroo and us
stoning kangaroo

touching joey

touching lil joey



Weeweeeet~ Sexy bikini gal with kangaroo in wildlife park. Dun ever think of dressing like this to Zoo Negara, you’ll know why once you’ve try it.
sexy babe with kangaroo


I wonder if this is a pregnant kangaroo or a newly born joey hiding in its pouch.
pregnant kangaroo
pregnant kangaroo close-up


With a troop of stoned kangaroos. They basically lie on the same position, I dun really see them moving much.
with kangaroos

This kangaroo looks pretty old already.
old kangaroo


Look, we’ve got rabbit teeth.
rabbit teeth


I must be too attractive for him, he is drooling with his imagination.
scooby-doo alike

Dun you think he looks like Scooby-doo?


Check out the close-up shot of this joey. Look who have caught a runny nose here(see the transparent drop on his left nostril?).


You can also feed the kangaroos and wallaby there. Did I just choke the wallaby?
feeding wallaby


Check out this greedy wallaby, it’s hand still holding a pallet but it’s eating the pallets from the child’s palm.
greedy wallaby


This wallaby is so cute when it’s eating.


This greedy kangaroo using its hand to whack another kangaroo to keep it away from it’s food.
greedy kangaroo


Love is in the air.kiss kangaroo


This kangaroo’s balls..opps…butt is very itchy!


I din know kangaroo snores too!


Ahh… this albino alike kangaroo caught our attention. It looks so special with it’s white coat.
white kangaroo

white kangaroo close-up


Some great shots from Debbie’s camera. Photos taken from her Facebook account.

Japanese tourists.
japanese tourists

A kangaroo’s foot and tail. If you observe well enough, kangaroo got 5 fingers/nails on it’s hand and only 1 nail/toe on it’s foot. Weird… how did it balance itself and have such powerful legs?

Like father like son. Both taking a nap.

Rock a bye baby on the tree top joey on the sand hole. Lil joey sleeps like a baby in a digged hole.

Shh……..Looks whose been smoking your cigars!

Somewhat looks like a fox here.

Somewhat looks like a camel here.

Somewhat looks like a huge rat here. Run for your life!

Somewhat looks like a super duper oversized rabbit here.


I’ve got to stop at a side as I was totally dehydrated. I was feeling nausea at the point of time. Alwin, Debbie and Christine continued with the walks and Mr. BF accompanied me. Gosh.. I’m the only one dehydrated, so embarassing. Did I just talked too much or was over excited? I blame it on the lunch I had earlier coz I was freaking hungry and I wallop the whole big burger by myself.


After some rest, we spotted 2 cute Tazmanian Devils. I have never taught that Tazmania do exist, I’ve only see it from the cartoon produced by Warner Bros. Remember the destructive and eat almost everything Taz-mania?

Okay… It doesn’t spin like in the cartoon and it’s not that big size actually. Here I present you the Tazmanian Devil !
Tazmanian Devil

We were lucky coz it was feeding time, so we get to see the active and the real character of a Tazmanian Devil.
Tazminian Devil food

The guardian tossed 2 pieces of meat out but they’d prefer to chase and fight for the same piece of meat.
Tazmania fighting for food

Taz fighting for food

Dun let it’s cute looks fool you, you dun wanna mess with a Tazmanian Devil, it has very strong jaws, stronger than a dog’s jaw. Once he got the food on his mouth, he won’t let go. He’ll even break your bones.

As stated on Wikipedia.
An analysis of mammalian bite force relative to the body size shows that the devil has the strongest bite of any living mammal (over 5,100 psi (35,000 kPa)). The power of the jaw is in part due to its comparatively large head. A Tasmanian Devil also has one set of teeth that grows slowly throughout its life.” . Read more about Tazmanian Devil here.

Taz eating

Tazmanian eating

Video of the 2 Tazmanian Devil snatching and fighting for food.


Not far away from the place of the Tazmanian Devil we spotted some emotional looking koalas. They’re not exactly emotional, they just look emotional as koalas basically dun move much and they spend most of their lives sleeping. Check out some interesting facts about Koalas here.

Looks like someone is in deep shit situation.
emo pose


It seems like it’s thinking “How now?! How should I handle this?”
bored koala

Look how lazy can a koala be. It doesn’t even need to hold on to the tree branch to sleep. The pose looks like it’s dead tired.
lazy koala

Sleepy head Koala.
sleepy head koala

sleepy head koala 2


There’s this enclosure where you get to touch the koala. There are quite a few Koalas there but you are not allowed to disturb them coz they’re off duty. Basically they take turns to let visitors to touch them.
In touch with koala


We din really see all the animals at the wildlife park as we were dead tired at that point of time and the place is closing soon too. Koala’s enclosure was the last pit stop for us. We headed to Swan Valley Chocolate Factory but unfortunately was too late for it too, they’ve just closed for visiting hours, doesn’t even allow to “tumpang” to buy chocolates.

But anyway, we gals slept in the car through the whole ride home. My Mr.BF took a candid shot of us sleeping.

After some good rest we headed to Burswood Casino at night. Took some pictures at the hostel while waiting for Debbie and Christine.

Me 3

Trying to look serious.
Me 2

We were not allowed to take photos of the casino, so, we took some photos outside of it at the hotel lobby.
photo time

photo time 2

We even take photos with the bouncers. They’re huge compared to us of coz! and they are very friendly too!
photo with bouncers

While at the lobby, we saw a few bouncers pulling a person out of the entrace of the hotel, and the person was making lotsa noise too. We later chat with the banker at the casino table (yeah, we’re allowed to chit-chat with the banker at the casino tables too) and found out that the reason that the bouncers have to pull the guy is most likely that the person is drunk already. If a person is cheating, most likely they’ll bring him out quietly. That makes sense.

I played Roulettes and won some $$$ earlier but lost a little in the end. But that’s alright, just wanna enjoy and feel the difference betweek the Casino in Perth and in Genting. My conclusion, yeah, that’s lotsa difference and go try it yourself too!


I enjoyed my day specially at the wildlife park, it was unfortunate that I couldn’t finish the whole walk. So, that’s end of my Day 2 @ Perth. My Day 3 at Perth kinda sux though, stay tune to find out why it sux so much!

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