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Published on: July 4, 2009

I realize my Day 3 at Perth took me so long to write after so many post after my Day 2. Actually I didn’t wanna write much bout this. I’ve even wrote this 2 weeks back and kept in my draft till now.


Coz it’s sad.  M i s e r a b l e .


That’s all I could recall of.

So, Day 3 was the day that we were suppose to rent for a car for the road trip. But before that, we followed/accompany Alvin to car workshop to checkout what’s wrong with his car and the pricing. But that was pretty fast.

car workshop

Then, Alywin needs to split up as he have some personal things to do that moment so we (me and Mr.BF) followed Alvin instead to look for a car. So, we headed to Bayswater Car Rental at Fremantle looking for a Corolla Sedan (we call it Altis here). Unfortunately, it was all rented out. We then asked if they could help to check if there is Corolla Sedan at Perth city or Subiaco and guess what?! They call us to call to the place by ourselves. OMG… I din expect this kinda service. I was expecting them to offer the help to call to other branch instead.

So, we called to Subiaco branch and there’s 1 last Corolla Sedan left and we drove there ASAP. But, more bad news to come. We couldn’t fulfill the requirements. VERY CONFUSING. They have different rates for the age group of below 25 and 25 and above. So, we tried registering using Mr.BF’s name. But we will need a credit card which both of us doesn’t have (we dun believe in using credit cards, we believe in CA$H), so we tried using a ATM card which also function as a debit card instead but will need to pay more deposits. But the stupid darn ~@#$%^&()-=_)(*&^%$#@!~ debit card payment just couldn’t get through the payments no matter how small the amount is. There is definitely something wrong with it, it’s giving a few different errors. We were so desperate and called back to our local bank helpdesk which didn’t provide much of help and say there is no problem with the card. WTH?! I was so prepared to lodge a complain for that cause actually I’ve tried booking air flight tickets last time using it but can’t get through the payment also.

By then, there were another couple waiting for the same darn car! We were getting more desperate and try seeking help from Alvin, unfortunately, he couldn’t meet the requirements as well. We can pay all the CASH they want for the car rental but we can’t coz they need a valid credit card or a debit card with a valid license. Now we know that MONEY CAN’T BUY EVERYTHING!!! So, we contacted Alywin to rush to Subiaco ASAP as the couple is still waiting for us and the shop is closing soon. Oh yeah.. did I mention there were 2 assistant there, assistant A was quite arrogant and rude(not the customer servioce which I’ve expected), assistant B was polite and nice. Thank god assistant B was the person assisting us and was kind enough to allow us to drag more time.

Alvin got some urgent things need to attend and we feel paiseh too dragging him into this for hours and ask him to leave first and we’ll handle from there. So, we tried to settle it but unfortunately we had to let go the car in the end and leave the place as they’re closing already. And this is the darn car that we’ve been trying to get whole day!!!
toyota corolla


Nothing to do, the 2 of us wander around the street like puppies got lost of their ways in the city road. Our stomach started to growl and we stopped by V|C for food.




in VC


You know ladies washroom have those vending machines which you can get a sanitary pad for RM0.60 . There you can get chewable toothbrush which I bought 1 too but haven’t test it until now.
chewable toothbrush


The men’s washroom lagi shiock. They have the vending machine for condom and stimulator which states that it’s the real thing and not a gimmick. Is there any fake ones?
vending machine


Condom @ AUD$2.condom


Stimulator @ AUD$1stimulator

Hm… If any guy was there to get a gal for a last minute one night stand, he can get the necessities(incredibly cheap too) and head directly to hotel, dun need to stop by any convenience shop also. So convenient…



Glanced through the menu and saw Smoked Salmon Pizza, it sounds nice and we ordered for that.

And this is what we ordered – Smoked Salmon Pizza.
Smoked Salmon Pizza

Smoked Salmon Pizza 2

WTH!@!@#@$@$ It totally looks different from the pizza which we always eat. This is so…er…so HEALTHY? Basically, it looks like a few pieces of smoked salmon with some sour cream or whipped cream with some chopped tomatoes on top of a round medium size pita bread coverred with some un-cooked fresh leaves sprinkle with a little bit of pepper, it doesn’t look ant bit like the typical pizza I’ve always eat elsewhere. That’s the healthiest pizza I ever tasted. Wait a second, should I even call it pizza? There’s no CHEESE at all !!!!!

Seriously, I felt so gloomy and so wanna cry at that time. Then, Alywin came to us by cab and we’re suppose to leave together, but that smart cab left without waiting and I can’t remember why Alywin left after that( I think my food just arrive haven’t finish yet). So, left us again like 2 wandering puppies at the street. By then, most of the places are closed and we just continued to walk after the food.

wandering at subiaco



Then we saw this statement on one of the shop’s door written with what time would the “doctor” be in.

doctor is in

The doctor is not our doctor which we would visit when we’re sick. It’s a doctor that we would like to visit if we have a bad hair day.



So, we passed by a hospital and there was this huge park opposite of it. We went for a stroll and thought could ask some passerby/joggers/patients if there’s any nice food around the corner. So, we asked a family and the conversation goes like this:

Mr.BFM : Hi mate, we’re a tourist here and do you know if there’s any nice food or cafe nearby which is walking distance?
Father of the patient : Er… you can try the hospital. There’s cafeteria there.


Mr.BF turned and look at me, I looked at him eyes wide open and almost jaw on floor… What a suggestion? Dun he have a better place to suggest than a hospital?!


Father of the patient continue : I’m not local too, I’m just here cause my son is checked into this hospital.


So, that explains all? I dun think I would ever suggest anyone specially tourist to eat at the hospital… I dun think it will ever cross my mind.

Forget bout the food, we took a deep breath and sat at the bench trying to enjoy the air, the smell, the wind, the green, the scenery. We randomly took some photos.
me at park 1

me at park

See…there’s a bird at the park.


Then, it is joined by another bird, a crow at the park.bird and crow


green 2


park 3


But this is a good moment for me cool down myself and think of what I’ve missed out in life like what do I want in my life… Then I spotted a few dogs running and playing fetch at the park, that’s when despair momentarily vanished, and wonder took its place. You know how much I love dogs right?

The first dog’s tail is black whereas the body fur colour is brown. Dun you think the tail looks fake like it was glued to his body?

dog 1

dog 2


Ahhh… I missed my Suki the Soukei Terrier so much. Wonder how was she at the moment. Was she angry at me that I’m away from her? Does she miss me?
suki my soukei terrier

suki my soukei terrier 2

I’ve always keep this favorite photo of her in my mobile phone as if she follows me whenever I go. I’ll always see this photo whenever I’m in the car waiting, in the office, anytime, anywhere, even when poo in toilet. Oppps….too much detail here.


Then, we continued our walking journey till we reached a Stadium. I do not know what’s the name of this stadium but it says Home of Football.

home of football




And that was bout the time for sunset. The scenery looks really nice.



Bout that time, Alvin came to the rescue, then he brought us yao cheh hor around The Univeristy Club of Western Australia to see their nice building design. Wow… University building also look so nice, go to class also more semangat.
building 1

building 2

building 3


Alvin offerred us to have dinner together at his place, but Lorraine and him only have the dishes enough for 2 portion so we went and tah pao some dishes.Then we rushed back to his place soonest possible and they prepare a nice home cooked food. It has certainly brightened up my day. Thanks Alvin and Lorraine for the delicious dinner. Hope to meet you guys soon again. =)

preparing dinner

dinner dishes

me and lorraine


Oh yeah… Check this out.
horse or cow

Tell me, is it a horse or a cow? I certainly think that it’s a cow.

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    MSIE 7.0 Windows XP

    finallyy.. u updated about perth… anyway… it’s a horse

  2. Simon Seow says:

    Firefox 3.0.11 Windows XP

    But I thought hospital food sucks. lol

  3. admin says:

    Firefox 3.0.11 Windows Vista

    i’ve nvr heard hospital foods are nice before. Of coz i ddin’t go that hospital cafeteria n makan.

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