Babi Guling Ibu Oka

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Published on: August 24, 2009

After jalan-jalan at Sukawati, we headed to Ubud to try the very famous Babi Guling (Pork Roll), also known as roasted sukling pig. Bali is famous for it’s Babi Guling where the roast pork are stuffed with the home-made spices.

walking to warung



On the way there, there are some ongoing proyek, and we were forced to walk by the small roads to Warung Bali Guling Ibu Kota.

ada proyek

the proyek

Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka


You’ll be very much surprised at the crowd there, it’s packed! As I can see, most of them are tourists, we were pretty lucky as we got a table after waiting just for awhile.

packed with tourists


We were really in luck, once we sat on the table, there was a fresh Babi Guling which was just roasted and sent to the warung. Okay, dun stare at the whole Babi Guling for too long, you will feel disgusted, really. The expression of the pig is like it was grusomely murdered.

Babi Guling

Babi Guling expression


The workers, I’m not sure if she’s Ibu Oka, uses a big knife and beheaded the pig expressionless and emotionless, these are really by years of experience I believe. I dun think I could even chop off a chicken’s neck. Then, she uses the knife to pick up the head of the pig and poses for the camera.

posing with Babi Guling

Babi Guling head


The pig have been roasted till crispy golden brown colour. My god, look at that tail, the more I look at it the more I feel disgusted with it.

pitiful Babi Guling

crispy looking Babi Guling


After the head been chopped off, you can see the spices inside of the stomach area.

spices stuffed in Babi Guling


The pork will then be chopped and to be served to customers.

chopping the babi guling


We were waiting patiently for our plate of Babi Guling. Can’t wait to taste how nice it is.



The prices of a plate of Babi Guling are roughly about Rp25,000 ~ Rp30,000(RM8.90~RM10.54) depending on what you order. The once I ordered is served with a piece of the roasted pork skin, some very tender pork meat, fried pork fats, and some vegetables with the spices of Babi Guling on top of it.

babi-guling plate


The portion here looks small cause I shared a plate with Mei Yin and I just took half the portion of it. I couldn’t finish a plate not only because I have taken some food at Sukawati earlier, but also because of staring at the whole pork earlier for too long. I tried not to think too much, chucked everything into my mouth, chewed it fast and swallowed it.

babi guling small portion

In my opinion, the Babi Guling is totally overrated. From what everyone have said how famous and nice it is, I think it’s just so-so only, the skin was not even cripy, it’s quite chewy(Not sure was it just that pork, my piece of pork skin or was it actually meant to be like that). On our first bite, we have already thought of the Char Siew Siu Yoke Fan at Hock Lee, Damansara Heights. But anyway, since it’s so famous, just go and try it, at least make it like once in a lifetime experience.

 There are quite a few dogs around the warung. I guess it’s because it has good business there (as in many tourists feed them)

white dog


This is one pitiful looking grey dog layign around just outside of the warung.

pitiful looking grey dog


There is also tiger-wannabe dog.



Both tiger-wannabe dogs were fighting for territory.

tiger-wannabe dogs


I also bought a bottle of Passion fruit flavoured drinks by Mizone from the store beside Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka, you should try this. It’s quite nice and refreshing.




Our initial plan was also to try Bebek Bengil at Dirty Duck Diner, unfortunately we were so stuffed that we decided to put a stop. I kinda regret of not trying Bebek Bengil, I heard it’s really nice, much nicer than Babi Guling and it’s really crispy.

bebek bengil-dirty duck diner



On the way back to our car, I spotted this creative looking van. It’s a van with bus entrance styled entrance, I repeat, it’s a van. It’s quite a common design over at Ubud as I saw quite a few van vehicle with the same entrance.

bus entrance design


Did they design this by accident? As in accidental design discovery?

  1. Viya says:

    Chrome Windows XP

    the roast pork make me feel a bit disgusting…

  2. dreamydolls says:

    MSIE 6.0 Windows XP

    ohh.. i wil try the bbdd on behalf of u.. LoL… and i definately will skip the babi guling….

  3. admin says:

    Chrome Windows Vista

    lol…y skip? too gross adi?

  4. tess says:

    Chrome Windows XP

    hi there, been a while since i visited your blog. ahh, the good ol’ babi guling. that IS a disgusting looking one! unlucky you. i saw a more “elegantly” prepared one roasting. but i’ll never try any la.

    btw, the flags you were asking? i think they’re the ones to demarcate the area in which you can swim in the sea. i remembered seeing a signage that says we should swim between the flag poles for safety. so it’s definitely not an indonesian flag.

    and wah… how come i missed the van huh? maybe was too busy looking at the babi guling! hahahahah

    btw, nice haircut. am thinking of cutting mine short too but my girlfriends keep saying don’t coz short hair makes my face look like a darned plate (muka pinggan). very funny, buggers! :)

    anyway, looking forward to more stories. oh, oh. how can i forget, congratulations on being a “grandma!” haha. really cute pups.

  5. admin says:

    Chrome Windows Vista

    Hey tess, wow… what a long comment. ^.^

    That babi guling I saw is a bit scary, didn’t dare to stare too long at it.

    Bout the flag, someone explained to me bout the different colours too. And yeah, you are right bout that particular colour.

    The van is quite cute n unique. =p

    Wonder how long is ur hair, as long as mine? Guys usually look better with short hair, so you’re exceptional, u look better in long hair huh? should be proud =p

    Thanks, I’ve been looking forward to go home everyday, can’t wait too see them, specially when they’re half walking n crawling to me now =D

  6. tess says:

    Chrome Windows XP

    haha, babe, i think you misunderstood me and i should re-phrase. i meant my “gal pals” which makes me of the same gender as them. my boyfriend would be upset if he finds that i’m a guy… coz that’d make him gay! kwang kwang kwaaang…. so ya, i’m a girl, dahlink and the vogue kind.

    anyway, ya, my hair’s below my shoulders. damn long. my muscles ache everytime i have to wash and dry it every other day. sigh…

  7. admin says:

    MSIE 7.0 Windows Vista

    hey gal, opps..sorry bout the missunderstood..hahahaha. dahlink and vogue?

    below your shoulders huh? still seems alright, dun tell me it’s long till the waist part. Btw, i think shoulder hair length is not too long nor short. Just nice, u can consider that. Dun go shorter than shoulder length is the safest choice if u dun dare to cut it short. Or perhaps try the modern bob cut? *wink wink* My friends always encourage me to cut short, they say hair grows anyway. LOL

  8. Bambang Krisd says:

    Chrome 5.0.375.70 Windows Vista

    You are funny ! :) )

  9. bendan says:

    Chrome 12.0.742.122 Windows 7

    Fun trip eh!! ^u^ Yerr… I feels disgust when looking at the pig back. Anyway, the pork in portion looks weird, they added some topping on it?? No sauces??

  10. kianfai87 says:

    Chrome Windows XP

    haha the babi make me feel like vomit my fried chicken haha

    anyways will try 1 day if I got chance :P

  11. Thristhan says:

    Firefox 5.0 Windows Vista

    Babiiiiii guling. I havent tried it yet. The passion fruit juice drink I’ve tried that in Palembang, must be their famous drink there.

  12. Emeryn says:

    Firefox 3.6.18.NETCLR3.5.30729 Windows Vista

    the pig look kinda scary. i think it died in horror. they added some spices with it. even when roasting the pig, the spices are put inside before roasting if i’m not wrong.

    bendan: Chrome 12.0.742.122 Windows 7Fun trip eh!! ^u^ Yerr… I feels disgust when looking at the pig back. Anyway, the pork in portion looks weird, they added some topping on it?? No sauces??

  13. Emeryn says:

    Firefox 3.6.18.NETCLR3.5.30729 Windows Vista

    i think u should try if u go bali. but dun put too high expectation coz I think our siu yuk still taste better than that.

    kianfai87: Chrome Windows XPhaha the babi make me feel like vomit my fried chicken hahaanyways will try 1 day if I got chance :P

  14. Emeryn says:

    Firefox 3.6.18.NETCLR3.5.30729 Windows Vista

    yeah the drink very nice. try the dirty duck too and lemme know!

    Thristhan: Firefox 5.0 Windows VistaBabiiiiii guling. I havent tried it yet. The passion fruit juice drink I’ve tried that in Palembang, must be their famous drink there.

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