Digi Pimp My Day Challenge

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Published on: January 7, 2010

“Pimpky! Pimpky! Pimp My Day!”
“Pimpky! Pimpky! All The Way!”

Digi, Please Pimp my day for faster broadband experience. We’re Pimpky!!!

DIGI, YOU HEARD THAT? So, Pimp up our day yeah!

If you are totally clueless of what I’m talking about, Digi is having a Digi Pimp My Day Challenge which is an on ground event where teams of 4 will be given clues and tasks to complete inside a shopping complex. The tasks will require the team to search for information on ground and online at the same time.

The event will be held at the following:-

Date: 9th January, 2009
Time: 4pm till late (there will be a night ‘partyyyyy’ as well)
Venue : Mardi Gras @ 1 Utama

The first 3 teams who managed to complete all task will wint he following:-

1st prize – Personalized laptop + Speaker + Modem + Headphones
2nd prize – Router + External hard drive + Headphones + Modem
3rd prize – Modem + External hard drive

We have formed a team of 4 with the name Pimpky(cute name right?) which is Saimatkong, Joshua, PuehTian and me.

Did I mention that our team have been shortlisted to join the challenge? Come support us k? And wish us luck!

To those teams who made it to the challenge, see you on Saturday! I’m so darn excited now. ^.^

1 Comment
  1. ming says:

    MSIE 7.0 Windows Vista

    gud luck…!!!

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