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Published on: January 18, 2010

First of all, I would like to thank DiGi, TimeOut Solutions, and Nuffnang for organizing such great event and we are honoured to be selected as the grand prize winner.

I would also like to thank my parents of not nagging me of going out the whole day that day, else my day would have been ruined.

Next I would like to thank my sister who supported and encouraged me for joining such event.

My dear MR BF who have been understanding enough of not able to spend the day together and wished me the best,

my dear Soukeiguai and puppies who have been such good furkids at home for not messing up the whole house that day.

Last but not least and most importantly, thanks to my dear teammate who have been so co-operative and supprtive throughout the challenge, without that, we wouldn’t have made it.

Sounds familiar?  That sounds as if my team been nominated and that’s my Oscar speech up the stage wearing yellow DiGi shirt.

Okay, that sounded way too weird, here’s the real thing.

Our deep silent prayers daily have been answered finally, Team Pimpky have made it!

I am totally overjoyed, the announcement totally caught me by surprise. Din even notice about the winning till Simon Seow messaged me all of sudden with one short message :”congrats” which left me totally confused. So, I only knew after being informed by him about the good news which he found out from Saimatkong’s Twitter message. I was happy and excited, but there’s certain part of me told me not to till I received the confirmation news myself from Nuffnang. Not long after that, I received below e-mail.

And that, has really confirmed that Pimpky have won and Nuffnang did call and asked if what name to be put on the Laptop since it’s a personalized one.

Hm… How should I describe my feelings of winning DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge? I think I almost jump and screamed in the office. *Paiseh Paiseh* I somehow seems to be more excited of winning DiGi Pimp Internet Pimp My Day Challenge than winning Purina One 30 days Performance Challenge. I guess it’s because all the effort and pain put into the challenges, it feels like our team effort have been paid off. Really, my teammates been really supportive and co-operative.

Here’s our “award” winning video of the happenings at DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge at 1Utama and here’s our winning post.

So, once again, thank you DiGi, TimeOut Solutions, and Nuffnang for organizing such great event, we had fun, I believe others enjoyed too.

Something to add on, Team Pimpky also won the DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge with QuickSilver the other day.

And on an un-related case, I got extra RM200 all of sudden today for Optimax coz I referred a friend there for eye lasik treatment. I didn even know I get something out of it. I recommended Optimax coz they’re really good and I’m a very satisfied customer.

Anyway, before I end this, here’s our war cry again.

Pimpky Pimpky Pimp My Way,

Pimpky Pimpky All The Way!


  1. saimatkong says:

    Firefox 3.5.7 Windows 7

    haha nice one! so I have chosen the right team mate and formed pimpky! haha pimpky all the way! =p

  2. Gwen says:

    MSIE 7.0 Windows Vista

    CONGRATS!!!!! Dinner on you when i’m back there this weekend.. =P

  3. Tallboyz says:

    Chrome Windows XP

    Muakakak! Pimpky Rulezzzzz!

    Yeah! Pimpky All The Way!

  4. Jack Ng says:

    Firefox 3.5.7 Windows 7

    hey hey ……. faster belanja makan and minum ya ….. LoL
    Congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. dreamydolls says:

    MSIE 8.0 Windows XP

    congratulationzzzz… hehehhehehee… personalize lappie huh.. bring out show off show off… heheheheh~

  6. christock says:

    Chrome Windows Vista

    Good one!! Congratulations!@

  7. Emeryn says:

    Firefox 3.5.7 Windows Vista

    saimatkong : u have really chosen the right teammates. hehe.
    gwen : I thought u should belanja me instead.
    Tallboyz : yeah man!!!
    Jackie : Dun la jealous
    Jack : u damn tak tau malu hor, msn ask, here also ask..hahahaha
    dreamydolls : lol. i still got no idea what model is the lappie yet n what’s the design too.

  8. araleling says:

    Firefox 3.0.17.NETCLR3.5.30729 Windows XP

    Congratz to you :)
    So good teamwork

  9. MsXERoZ says:

    Chrome Windows 7

    NICE ONE! Im happy for u too =)

  10. alleo says:

    Chrome Windows XP

    wow that sure is fun :) congratulations

  11. Jan says:

    MSIE 7.0 Windows XP

    Hello! Congratulations!

  12. coco says:

    Firefox 3.5.7.NETCLR3.5.30729 Windows Vista

    CONGRATZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*jealous betul*~

  13. wen pink says:

    Firefox 3.5.7.NETCLR3.5.30729 Windows Vista

    omggggg!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! but honestly u guys deserve to win! the video is nicely done.. with great choice of music!! :)

  14. Jack Ng says:

    Firefox 3.5.7 Windows 7

    buat apa mau malu ? if dun ask sure u wont belanja lor …… Wakakak …….. to make sure u remember …….

  15. cr3ap says:

    Chrome Windows XP

    Congrats girl, well done and you deserve the prize for what you did there. Really a good event day. Lol about the so called Oscar speech :D .

    Regards from cr3ap

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