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Published on: October 12, 2010

After waiting for a year or so after purchasing the flight tickets during the promotion, it was finally the time to fly to the shopping paradise – Hong Kong.

I was pretty stressed up planning for this trip. As usual, Mr. BF doesn’t plan for the itinerary, it’s all down to me for planning the 5D4N city trip.

It was a crazy long queue during the check-in luggage with AirAsia at LCCT.

But lucky one of the staff told us that we could check in at another counter at the other side. Phew~~~ That saves us some time. I dun wanna miss my flight!

Yann Lee and Hui Wen came to LCCT as well, but they came wasn’t becoz of me(sad case). Co-incidentally, we were flying on the very same “auspicious” day which happens to fall on the 14th July in Lunar Calendar which is the Hungry Ghost Festival, but they were flying to Cambodia for their 3D2N trip. We had a short meal at Hot n Roll before we head of to our separate destination.

Yay! Finally can board the plane!

Whenever flying, I will always book a window side seat. Two things:-

First is that I get to enjoy the view, I never get bored of taking the photos of sunrise and sunset, and videos of the flight taking off.

Oh yeah… also nice scenery when reaching the destination.

Secondly, it’s becoz I get to lie against the side to sleep. Okay… probably this is the main reason I always take the window side seat.

When we were reaching Hong Kong Airport, we see the speedboats cruising the sea.

After 4 hours of flight, we’ve finally reached Hong Kong! I was extremely excited when I see these police dogs welcoming me working.

It’s just so cute seeing them  sniffing their nose off(totally exaggerated, he could be “snaking“, no one knows anyway) for illegal stuff. I wonder what’s their wage like, is it like 1 bone/hour?

The HK airport is quite a huge place, you can opt for a buggy service if you’ve got super lazy feet but of coz there’s some cost incurred for that.

Hm.. would you want me to show you around?

The queue at the Immigration is insane, probably it’s quite a great season to be there since it’s summer, and there’s summer sales as well.

But surprisingly, it wasn’t long before my turn to pass through the immigration.

My hotel is located at Yau Ma Tei, there are several ways to get there.

  • Airport Express -> Kowloon, then take a bus/cab/MTR to Yau Ma Tei
  • Cab

We opted for the first option coz it’s a lil cheaper and recommended by the staff at the airport. Then we took a taxi from Kowloon to Yau Ma Tei coz we didn’t want to go through the hassle of carrying all the bags in and out of the MTR. If you’re wondering what’s such a hassle of it, you should really know this. I bought 15kgx2 check-in luggage weight and it was overweight, but luckily, smart ass like us brought extra hand carry bags so we transferred some clothes to that bag.

(I know I know, we should travel light, it’s shopping paradise there and it’s summer!)

The Airport Express to Kowloon is HKD$90/way (RM37.04).

I kept the card coz it has the Toy Story character printing on it. I have Rex and Buzz Lightyear!

This is interior of the Airport Express train.

The speed of the Airport Express train is pretty fast, it took us about 20+mins to reach Kowloon. On the way, I noticed the many high-rise building like those I see in TVB drama.

I noticed more high-rise building. Some were really old, as if it’s haunted, who knows.

The journey to my hotel takes roughly half an hour(MTR and cab).

Finally, we’ve arrived at Casa Hotel.

The ambience and lighting of the lobby is really nice. It looks comfy, it is comfy!

Oh..the staff are really friendly and helpful too. No worries, they speak English. =)

I read through Tripadvisor and found many good review about this hotel so I booked through Agoda. I’ve written in the special request that we would want higher floor (this hotel is facing one of the main road) and that we do not want corner room (half superstitious especially we were int he Hungry Ghost month).

The hotel is just 5 minutes walk from the Yau Ma Tei MTR station so it’s really convenient to get to any where else.

Besides, Miu Kai is just behind our hotel!

Once I got the room key,I head up to my room immediately. Once the room door is opened, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The room is jaw-dropping small. I’ve read about the reviews saying the hotel room is small, especially the toilet (okay, most hotel rooms in HK are small anyway), but I’ve never expect it to be that small.

To my left is a very small wardrobe which I think it’s by far the smallest wardrobe I’ve seen in hotel rooms.

Beside the cupboard is a full body length mirror which is pretty big (by looking at the size of the room and the cupboard).

It’s good that they didn’t forget to have such mirror in room, coz vain people like me would wanna see from head to toe.

And u know, it’s good for cam-whore too.

Beside the mirror is a very small pathway to walk and right beside it is a queen size bed. There is no more space at the other side of the bed, it’s already the edge of the room, the wall.

So, right infront of the bed by the wall is a very small desk with cups and kettle on top and a chair beside. The TV is attached to the wall of the hotel room. Below the TV is the ONLY and limited space for luggage, and it ONLY fits 2 large luggage.

Beside those spaces is a frosted glass door toilet(yeah…it’s kinda see-through, you can’t see the exact thing but u can the whole fade beige shadow of a naked person) which fits only a person. The basin and the toilet bowl is just side by side.

So, basically the only space for you to shower is standing right infront of the basin, the very same place you stand when u brush your teeth. Or probably you would want to sit on the toilet bowl and bath.

If you’re wondering how “big” this toilet could be, I can’t stretch both my hand straight in the toilet.

Yes, it is that SMALL.

So, that’s basically the size of the room. You get the idea. But never judge a book by it’s cover, I’m amazed by how comfortably I rest and sleep in this hotel. The lighting and probably coz of the simple yet modern design of the room makes a nice ambience.

Though toilet is small, you’d be surprised how nice a shower could be. Probably they use a good shower head and have a good water pressure system, that makes a shower pleasurable. Besides, you can admire your own body during the shower. There is a face mirror infront of the basin and a large full length mirror at the other side(beside the toilet bowl).

If my memory doesn’t fail me, the hotel cost about RM180/night, which I think it’s quite a reasonable price for hotels in HK.

Casa Hotel

Address: 487 – 489 Nathan Road, Yaumatei, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 3758 7777
Fax: (852) 3758 7766

Website :

Hehe..tell u something, I didn’t want to leave the shower room, I bathed till my skin are wrinkled. That’s how nice the shower is to start my day of or retiring from the long day out.

Wondering where I head off next? Stay tuned!

  1. taufulou says:

    MSIE 8.0 Windows Vista

    woah! seriously small eh.. can be measure by fingers also. . . . but okay ma..go back thre sleep

  2. Simon Seow says:

    Firefox 3.6.10.NETCLR3.5.30729 Windows Vista

    Wee. I miss Hong Kong. Did you buy Octopus card? It’s a must have when in Hong Kong. Have to pay extra right to pick the seat on Air Asia?

  3. Emeryn says:

    Firefox 3.6.10 Windows Vista

    Taufulou – it’s that small..but the room is comfortable la

    Simon – Yeha..i bought that. will update bout that next!

  4. melmonica says:

    MSIE 7.0 Windows XP

    Woo… I <3 your sky + sun ray pics. Kudos!

  5. Emeryn says:

    Firefox 3.6.10 Windows Vista

    hey melmonica, thanks!

  6. lilbunny says:

    MSIE 7.0 Windows XP

    the room looks like tune hotel in penang =.=

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