ZoukOut 2010

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Published on: December 17, 2010

12 hours of party, from 8pm-8am with electro-trance and house music by the beach. It’s awesome, craziness, and wild. Imagine, hot babes in bikini and hot hunks in only their shorts! People from all around the world came just to attend one of the biggest party of the year – ZoukOut 2010.

My sis managed to get the tickets from her friend whom works in Zouk KL.

Thank god that she got us the tickets coz the tix were sold out and people have to actually queue for hours on the actual event day itself without knowing if they could really get hold of the passes.

We (sis and I) met up with her friends at Vivo and had dinner at Maccas. Apparently, the whole gang had no idea what Maccas is and thought that it’s an Arabic or Middle-East Restaurant instead.

We then tried to catch a cab to Sentosa Island, unfortunately there’s no cab which willing to drive in coz the whole area is jammed up. It was a good choice that we opted for tram after that coz I heard it could be an hour just to get into the island by cab.

Even the tram is packed, but it’s pretty fast coz it’s just a short ride in. It’s quite a distance to walk from the tram station to the main entrance of the Zoukout.

I could say it’s a pretty interesting walk. Though it was just around 11pm, you could see many people sitting at the side of the road, wasted.

Of coz, there’s usually accidents with such a huge and happpening party like this so there were quite a number of ambulance on standby.

It’s such a long queue.People actually queue for an hour to get into the party!

We didn’t go straight in, instead to a *special* place first.

My sis friend, Hui Yi actually parked her car earlier at the Underwater World carpark to have their very own “mini bar” – a boot camp instead.

It’s a great spot, really. It’s just by the beach and we get to enjoy the air and scenery there.

There were Vodka, other hard liquor, wine, juices, mixer and so on.

All you need is just to place an order with another friend and wait for your drink. *wink*

Nah… I din drink.

Opps… I drank, but only orange juice. Those who know me well should know that I’m a really bad drinker. I dun wanna get drunk and ended up so sleepy and tired that I couldn’t enjoy the party. That’ll be totally wasting money.

We chill out quite some time here until the rain stops at about 1am and that’s when our real party started!

It’s craziness inside there! 30,000 people at a party!!!

This is the biggest rave party I’ve ever attended.

And also my first time partying together with my sis too.

There were actually quite a number of people lying down at the beach, I’m not sure if they’re just resting to wait till 3am for DJ Tiesto and 5am for David Guetta or they’re actually wasted.

There were many bars setup along the beach and different stage as well. Of coz, the biggest crowd would be around the main stage.

Suddenly I saw sparks behind the security/first aid post.

And there were a wishing star too.

With another blink of an eye and the sparks were shooting right up to the sky.

We arrived at the perfect timing.

Woohoo~~~~the fireworks have just started!

Time for some camwhore pics. =p

Photo with the gals~

Cam-whore with sis’s friends. Teehee~


By the way, that’s Eugene on the right. He kept saying that he didn’t like to be in pictures but somehow he always have a funny expression in the pics I’ve taken.

I was quite tired but I’d be stupid if I sit aside and rest coz I know I will fell asleep, and that’s for sure. So, continued to party till DJ Tiesto’s turn to spin. The nearer we go the the stage, the more I felt like I’m the patty in a burger. People kept pushing and around and that’s really irritating.

This is basically what I see the whole night. Arghhhhh!!! Can’t really see the stage. 

It’s quite suffocating as well. I’m not a tall person, and everyone is sweating, and some had BO as well. It’s really hard to gasp for the fresh air. The only time you’ll get some cold air is when the music stops, when everyone is not moving.

At last, the moment that everyone has been waiting for!

DJ Tiesto!!!

His mix is good! But his voice just made me speechless with this expression =,=”"” especially when he says :”David Guetta”. Tarak Ohm lah! Sounded too cute for him.

Are you ready for the next DJ?!

It’s David Guetta! The first few spin from David is alright but it wasn’t as good as expected after that. We left not long later after that at about 7am.

Took a group photo before everyone gets home for some beauty sleep.

This is my first time partying from night till sunrise.

Dun think I’ll go for ZoukOut again next year.

Okay… after thinking again. Maybe I would. Maybe.

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