Pre-Christmas Dinner at Laziz Restaurant, Mont Kiara

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Published on: December 27, 2010

My pre-Christmas dinner is special. Unlike people who goes to a nice restaurant at a nice hotel or enjoy a turkey at home.

Mine was at a Middle-Eastern restaurant, Laziz Reataurant, eating chicken authentic middle-eastern cuisine.

But before that, friends and I have adi cam-whore while waiting for the rest to arrive.

Chun Sin and I. Leng chai right? I always say he’s my brother coz we both have dimples. =p

Hui Wen aka Sexy Wong.

I felt as if I was at Arab with their environment settings.

I would have spoken in their local language,  if I really do know.

When dining at Middle-east restaurant, there’s something that always comes to people’s mind. Yes, the Shisha!

But we din have any Shisha on that day though.

While waiting for our delicious food to arrive, we did what we do best.

Hui Wen, Yann, Mei Lee, Voon and me.

Hui Wen and me.

I look super les in such pic with her.

Mei Lee and me.

Yann and me

Voon and me

I ordered for a cuppa Ginger Tea (RM7). Love the gingerness!

Our appetiser is Laziz Mazza (RM35) which is a combination of Hommos(Hommos blended with tahina paste topped with olive oil), Mutabal(Grilled egg-plant mashed into a dip mixed with Tahina paste), Wara Ainab & Arabic Salad. The salads are tomatoes, lettuce,cucumbers, mint leave and lemon juice.

Put the salads and sauce on the pita and chew it away!

Strongly recommended! I, myself who doesn’t really fancy eating greens and hate trying new food totally love this dish. The veges are really fresh and it’s very appetizing. This is quite a big dish though, order this if u’re dining in a bigger group or alone, if you’re a salad fanatic.

I dun eat lamb, so my choices are down to fish or chicken. So, I ordered for Shish Tawook (RM24) which is one of the popular dishes at Laziz.

It’s basically a boneless chicken breast meat. If the chicken eaten alone would be a lil too dry, that is why it’s there’s a sauce which is mayonnaise-like which comes together with the dish. To be served on pita.

My friends ordered for Laziz Mix Grill (RM39).

It’s A combination of Shish Tawook, Shish Kebab, lamb cubes & lamb chop.
I can’t comment much on this coz I dun take lamb, but according to Yann, the Shish Kebab is superb. juicy and yet still remain how a lamb should taste like even added with spices. Recommended for those lamb lovers.

Yann ordered for Briyani Chicken (RM 25). With finest basmati rice cooked with the middle east way, with herbs and spices.

You can choose whether you want the rice to be served with fish, chicken or lamb. Yann ordered for chicken. The chicken itself less of taste but the rice is just so aromatic. One word, their Briyani rice is awesome!

If you’ve not tried any middle-eastern food before, then probably you would want to consider dining at Laziz Restaurant.

Oh..a group pic before we left!

Btw, Yann suggested to wear a xmas colour theme clothes to our dinner, the colours are red, white or green. I would have gotten the best dress if there’s an award for that nite!

Merry Christmas to all~!

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    Merry Christmas to you, Emeryn, though a bit late. ;)

    I love Arabic food, and those look so yummy!

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