Hong Kong : Tsim Sha Tsui to Central to Ocean Park

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Published on: July 6, 2011

Most tourist who travels to Hong Kong would opt to stay around Kowloon area instead of the high class Hong Kong island itself due to the shopping, food and culture there. It’s actually different part of the island if you do not know yet.

I stayed at Yau Ma Tei which is located at Kowloon, while Ocean Park is situated at Wong Chuk Hang, a southern district in Hong Kong Island. There are several ways to get to Ocean Park, but for me, I opted the longer and more tedious way. I took a ferry, MTR, a bus then only arrive at the Ocean Park entrance. It’s not like I have much time to burn but I do not regret opting this way to go Ocean Park.

So, I took a MTR from Yau Ma Tei to Tsim Sha Tsui. At Tsim Sha Tsui itself, I stopped by the area to take a few pics.

Take the steps up here to a higher ground so you could take a nice scenic view of Hong Kong island.

The design of the staircase at the middle of the area also very nice and creative.

While taking photos there I saw a pirate ship!

Literally, but it does look like a pirate ship from the movies right? but smaller version.

And dunno what’s this.

Looks like a tow truck ship to me.

I needed a quick release before I board the ferry and I saw some uncle standing infront of the loo.

Let you guess what they could be doing here.

Emo-ing? Enjoying the smell view? Waiting for their wife to be out from the toilet?

Nope. All wrong.

They’re fishing!

lol. Fishing infront of the toilet, doesn’t look right, doesn’t even sound right at all!

Anyway, I think I spent too much at the Tsim Sha Tsui and had to rush to board the ferry to Central cause it’s still quite a distance to Ocean Park and I wanted to spend more time in Ocean park rather than looking at these scenery.

I do think it’s a great idea to take a ferry coz you get to enjoy the nice scenic view of Hong Kong island, the ride, and the wind!

Check the schedule of the ferry service here. It costs HKD$2.50/way (Mon-Fri) and HKD@3.00 (Sat,Sun & Public Holidays).

The ferry will stop at Central port then I’ll need to the the MTR to the next station – Admiralty. Once I arrived at  Admiralty, I then board the Citybus Route 629. The Citybus Route 629 runs daily from Admiralty MTR Station or Central Pier No. 7. The bus fares are $10.6 for adults and $5.3 for children (aged 4-11).

In order to provide better service for passengers, starting from 21 February 2011 (Monday), New Express Route 629A operating from Ocean Park to Causeway Bay (near Times Square) and Central (omit Admiralty) will be introduced. Furthermore, the timetable for Route 629 departures to and from Central will be altered. Check more information here and here.

It’s quite an interesting ride, not that the ride is interesting but the view outside of the bus.

You see a very nice tall building right beside or even worse, surrounded by really old buildings where it’s paint have already faded or drop off, some even looks as if it’s haunted.

When you see the sea with nice coconut trees at the side, you’ll know that you’re almost reaching Ocean Park.

Oh yeah, that bus will arrive at the main entrance of Ocean Park!

Woohoo~~~ Next up! In the Ocean Park!!!

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