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OMG! Team Pimpky Won!

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Published on: January 18, 2010

“First of all, I would like to thank DiGi, TimeOut Solutions, and Nuffnang for organizing such great event and we are honoured to be selected as the grand prize winner. I would also like to thank my parents of not nagging me of going out the whole day that day, [...]

DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge with Pimpky

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Published on: January 9, 2010

Pimp Pimp Pimp!! Digi have just pimp up our day with fun filled exciting, exhausting, brain twisting, nerve wrecking activities, but of coz, not to forget to tell you guys it’s the best day we had so far! So, we mentioned that we are UNLIKELY to finish all challenges in time [...]

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