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KL Bird Park

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Published on: November 25, 2012

When you’re over 21, it felt like there is nothing much to celebrate on your birthday anymore, at least for me. Celebration as in having those big parties. So, on my burfday about 2 months back, I did something different. Few months back, I heard from my colleague that there [...]

I’m Animal Like

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Published on: April 3, 2010

I’m animal like. No, I dun mean I act like one or party like one. But people haave been saying I look like one instead, from squirrel, to puss in the boots, to dogs, to cat, to rabbit, and recently to Koi fish. Wait a sec. WHAT? KOI FISH? Which [...]

‘I’m a Standout in Life’

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Published on: May 19, 2009

I truly believe that everyone have a something special about themself which makes them standout to the rest of the people in this world. Recently, like the overnight famous lady, Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent, she totally shine out from the rest with her totally amazing great voice even [...]

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